Hall of Fame

Highlights from the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

Here are the highlights from the 2024 Hall of Fame ceremony which aired on Friday, April 5th on Peacock following Wrestlemania Smackdown in Philadelphia, PA…

* There was a 25-minute kickoff period to transition from Smackdown to the HOF ceremony. Numerous wrestlers were interviewed and AEW’s Keith Lee could be seen in the background while CM Punk was talking.

* Jackie Redmond and Corey Graves hosted the event. Stephanie McMahon was shown on camera during ringside introductions.

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* Even though he was the advertised headliner, Heyman’s induction was the first segment. WWE avoided showing Brock Lesnar during the video package.

* Heyman’s inductor Roman Reigns said it was “bullshit” that he had to cut a promo about the greatest promo in wrestling. Reigns said he almost turned down the induction speech but agreed to it because he “loves his wise man.” Reigns talked about advice Heyman gave him including to believe in himself. Reigns noted that Heyman has always known what to say and is “the greatest communicator of all time.” According to Reigns, there wouldn’t have been a tribal chief without Heyman.

* Heyman made his entrance to the ECW theme song. Heyman hugged Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, and Bully Ray on his way to the ring. The crowd chanted “you deserve it” and Heyman responded with “You damn fucking right I deserve it!” The crowd cheered and exploded with an “ECW” chant. Heyman made a joke about RVD smoking weed.

* Heyman acknowledged his son Jacob and CM Punk at ringside. Heyman said he was the first person picked in the first HOF class selected by Paul “Triple H” Levesque. Heyman praised Triple H’s leadership and said he will always be a “Paul Levesque guy.” Heyman shook Triple H’s hand and also acknowledged Stephanie. Heyman spoke to his kids and expressed his love to them. Heyman wished his parents would have been there to see his induction. Heyman turned around and told Cody Rhodes that he wished Dusty would have been there as well.

* Heyman transitioned to talk about ECW by pulling his old trenchcoat, phone, and hat out of a box. Heyman talked about wrestling sucking in 1993 and a tribe of “extreme” needed to be created. Heyman said ECW was created to disrupt the industry and was meant to go out in a blaze of glory. Heyman said “if you think the spirit of ECW died in a bankruptcy court in 2001, you can suck my fucking dick!” Heyman talked about how he was canceled many times but kept coming back. Heyman acknowledged being the advocate for Brock Lesnar and credited Roman Reigns with saving his career. Heyman expressed gratitude for how he can now work with a new generation of talent. Heyman vowed to continue disrupting things and ended with his line “that’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”


* Alundra Blayze gave the induction speech for Nakano. Blayze put over Nakano’s accomplishments and influence on the wrestling industry. Blayze talked about their feud in the 1990s creating a new standard for women’s wrestling.

* Nakano said she waited a long time for the Hall of Fame induction. Nakano talked about her struggles in the United States due to her limited knowledge of English. Nakano said she felt alive in a wrestling ring and thanked Blayze from the bottom of her heart. Nakano also thanked the WWE fans for accepting her. Nakano said if she could be re-born, she would want to Bull Nakano again in WWE. An emotional Blayze gave Nakano flowers and bowed to her.


* The Undertaker gave the induction speech for Ali. Undertaker put over Ali’s accomplishments in boxing and called him a “legend amongst legends.” Undertaker introduced Ali’s wife Lonnie to accept the award. Lonnie gave a speech and said Ali could be considered to be the first “global sports entertainer.” Lonnie brought up Ali’s involvement with WWE at the first Wrestlemania and interaction with Roddy Piper.

* Lonnie mentioned that The Rock asked permission to use “The People’s Champion” nickname in 1998. Lonnie then brought The Rock down to the ring to be presented him with “The People’s” championship title belt. Rock, who was initially booed, talked and put over Ali as one of his heroes growing up.


* Taylor Rotunda (Bo Dallas) and his sister Mika gave the induction speech for their father and uncle. They took a moment to acknowledge their brother Bray Wyatt and fans lit up the arena. Taylor and Mika discussed the accomplishments of the U.S. Express and then introduced the team.

* Mike started by thanking the fans and then talked about how he got into the wrestling business. Mike praised his wife and Barry’s sister. Mike joked that they should’ve gotten hazard pay for working with The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff at the first Wrestlemania. Mike wished that his son Windham could’ve been there and in honor of him, they lit up their phones.


* Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E did the induction speech for Patterson. New Day talked about Patterson’s hard work leading to more opportunities and equality for black wrestlers. Big E did his trademark introduction for Patterson.

* Patterson said a prayer and thanked Jesus. Patterson said it’s time to stop killing people and treat people the way you want to be treated. Patterson gave credit to names like Gerald Brisco for helping his career.


* The Rock did the induction speech for his grandmother. Rock started by congratulating the class of 2024. Rock talked about his grandmother being a trailblazer in wrestling and “opening up the doors” for women. Rock mentioned various promoters that worked with Lia including Vince McMahon and his name was booed by fans. Rock told Cody Rhodes that he has respect for Dusty but what happens at Wrestlemania is personal. Rock had his mother stand up and called her “the real final boss of the family.”