What happened with The Rock and Cody Rhodes during the 2024 WWE RAW After Mania

The 2024 WWE RAW After Mania kicked off with Triple H introducing the new WWE Universal champion Cody Rhodes. Triple H aired a video package that highlighted Cody’s journey in WWE.

Cody cut a promo about Wrestlemania but The Rock interrupted him. Rock, who had his “People’s Championship” on his shoulder, asked to hold Cody’s title for a moment. Cody agreed but only if he could hold Rock’s title. The two swapped titles and Rock said it felt right.

Rock told Cody that had to go away for awhile. However, Rock said he would be coming back for Cody whether Cody is champion or not. Rock also brought up how pinned Cody at Wrestlemania 40 Saturday. Rock said Cody’s story with Roman Reigns is over but their story has just begun.

The segment segment with Rock pulling a mysterious item out of his pocket and placing it in Cody’s hand. Rock said “don’t you ever break my heart again” and then left the ring.