WWE star believes that fans will eventually turn against Cody Rhodes and “boo his ass out of the building”

As seen during the WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday PLE, Cody Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns to become the Undisputed WWE Unviersal champion. Following Cody’s win, WWE NXT star Dijak wrote the following via Twitter/X…

“It won’t be tomorrow, it won’t be next week, it won’t be next month, might not even be next year… but one day you guys are gonna turn so hard on Cody and boo his ass out of the building and when that day comes all I’m going to do is reference this post and tell you I was right.”

Dijak also polled fans and asked if he is “a disrespectful piece of shit just stating the obvious” or “a clueless asshole who is completely wrong?” As of Monday night, 57.4% voted for the first option with over 11,000 accounts participating.