Early word regarding when a singles match between Cody Rhodes vs. The Rock will take place

As seen during the 2024 WWE RAW After Mania, a singles match between the undisputed WWE Universal champion Cody Rhodes vs. The Rock was teased. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the potential match…

Alvarez: “But as I’m scrolling through, it’s like, that’s all everybody’s talking about is ‘what did the Rock give Cody? What do you think he gave him?’ That’s what people love. They love a mystery. And they have to follow the show every week to find out what’s going on in the story. And this is going to be a long-term mystery because Rock is leaving, but I thought it was very, very clever what they did because clearly, they’re doing Rock and Cody one-on-one. I mean, that was made patently obvious in this segment here.”

Meltzer: “Well, that is certainly the plan right now. Yes. And not for a long time. Next year’s WrestleMania.”

Alvarez: “Hey, you know what if this guy felt good, and he did great that match and he didn’t get hurt? I mean, if he thinks he can do two more years, then it should be Rock and Cody next year and Rock and Roman Reigns a year after. And that’s two gigantic WrestleMania you got based on those matches.”

Meltzer: “Yeah, it’s gonna be big but man. I mean, it’s natural. You know? I mean, they, they booked it, he’d been And Cody, so they booked it, you know, yeah, probably is good [idea] to keep Cody’s champion although that’s not 100%.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)