CM Punk addresses fans in Philadelphia once the 2024 WWE RAW After Mania event goes off the air

As seen during the 2024 WWE RAW After Mania, CM Punk cost Drew McIntyre an opportunity for a world heavyweight title match. Once the event went off the air, Punk spoke to fans in attendance…

“I used to live in Philadelphia. When I lived in Philadelphia, I worked at a little place called the Murphy Rec Center. When I signed with the WWE in 2005, I spent a year in developmental in Louisville, Kentucky. And then when I debuted on television, my first pay per view was right here in Philadelphia.

You know what I like to see? I like to see that small set cuz I like to see all these people here behind it. And it’s a testament to people like Main Event Jey Uso putting all these asses in all these seats. Now we can’t do this in a city if it doesn’t love professional wrestling the way Philadelphia does. The Wise Man can’t have a Hall of Fame ceremony in a city that doesn’t love extreme like Philadelphia does. And hey, I might have been born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but the city of brotherly love welcomed me with open arms when I lived and worked here. It’s a place I love coming back to, and we have just completed the single greatest weekend of Wrestlemania in history. Over 201,000 tickets sold. So thank you, Philadelphia, for accepting this kid from Chicago into your hearts and always chanting my name.

I speak for everybody in back, everybody in front of the camera, and everybody who makes this place tick, from driving trucks to working sound, to taking pictures, to holding cameras. To making sure we’re safe inside and outside of hotels, and everybody in between, and all their families at home that miss us when we leave. I mean it when I say this, we love you. Thank you, Philadelphia.”