Speculation about WWE Wrestlemania as a two-night event being a permanent change

During the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed WWE Wrestlemania being a two-night event moving forward…

“I think WrestleMania is gonna be a 2-night thing going forward,” Meltzer said. “I think was the first step to see will people buy and they bought in good enough numbers. Did it sell out first day, were the original numbers gigantic? No, but it’s fine. It’s a big stadium. It wasn’t gonna be easy to sell it out two straight days. They haven’t announced 2 days for next year but I think it’s better to go for 2 days. It’s just the nature of what WrestleMania has become. There’s more money to be made and it’s better for the shows…”

“I talked to people there and they certainly gave me the impression that the idea is 2 days going forward. They always can change their mind based on what happens. I think that they all thought that 7-hour show just doesn’t work. That’s more tiring than the 2 days.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)

Twitter account @WrestleTix noted that as of March 19th, 58,022 tickets have been distributed for Wrestlemania Sunday. Wrestlemania Saturday had 56,076 tickets distributed as of March 4th.

Drew McIntyre and Alexa Bliss are among the WWE stars that have publicly spoken in favor of Wrestlemania being two nights.