Sin Cara and Reginald exchange words on social media over Reginald’s RAW entrance

As seen on the July 26th 2021 edition of WWE RAW, Reginald made his entrance for a match against R-Truth by jumping into the ring on a trampoline.

Former WWE star Sin Cara (Jose Jorge Arriaga Rodriguez) commented on Reginald’s entrance and there ended up being an exchange between the two on Instagram…

Sin Cara “Two very cool entrances, let see if he can do it without and acl and wearing a mask with terrible lighting. 😠

Oh.. one more thing, keep doing it for decade on live events and television.

All the best. 😀

Reginald: “Well seeing that I was doing this is the circus for 16 years before I came to WWE, it should be fine 🙏🏿

in the circus, 8-10 shows a week..”

Sin Cara: “Awesome, now it’s time to become a real Professional Wrestler! 👏🏼”