News regarding Jeff Jarrett’s status with WWE

It is being reported by that Jeff Jarrett was quietly released from his backstage role in WWE. Jarrett was said to have been let go back in April.

The site noted the following…

“Per our source, the Hall of Famer has already been reaching out to other places for bookings, though he is still bound to a non-compete clause of unknown length. Whether or not WWE plans on bringing Jarrett back at some point is currently unclear.”

However, Lucha Libre Online is reporting that Jarrett is still working for WWE with a non-exclusive deal…

“Our sources confirm that Jeff Jarrett does continue to work for WWE in a non-exclusive agreement. This allows Jeff Jarrett to be able to work on his My World podcast with Ad Free Shows and other large projects within the wrestling industry that we will soon be learning about.”

Jarrett returned to WWE in early 2019 after being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018. Prior to transitioning into a backstage role, Jarrett made a few in-ring appearances including the 2019 men’s Royal Rumble match and a RAW match against Elias.