Sheamus comments on the potential of Butch and Ridge Holland in WWE

During an interview with Inside The Ropes, Sheamus commented on the potential of his Brawling Brutes teammates Butch and Ridge Holland in WWE…

“They’re another two lads I’m definitely impressed with. I’ve loved taking them under my wing. They have great potential here in WWE…. Butch has done an awful lot in NXT UK, with the title. I think he’s way ahead of his time. He’s super smart. He’s young, people forget he’s only about 28, but he’s definitely got an old head and shoulders. His stuff is very unique. Ridge is a great lad too. A bit an unlucky in the beginning, the whole thing people about with [Big] E, he’s come out and even said it too. It was nobody’s fault. It was one of those things that happen. But it’s hard for a fella to be in there, in a baptism of fire. Especially in the early days, especially for both those guys.”

“People don’t realize it, when we’re in there wrestling, we get allocated a certain amount of time, The first couple weeks, they were losing time every week. So you’re in there brand new and your time’s getting cut and stuff happens, and they weren’t getting a fair crack of the whip. Hopefully now, matches are getting more time the last couple of weeks. They’re getting a chance to show what they can do. I’m telling you, they both have a long career ahead of them. Both are great lads. They keep me young, too. They keep me on my toes.” (quotes courtesy of