Several WWE stars shown in the latest “White Rabbit” teaser video

During the September 19th 2022 edition WWE RAW, a QR code was shown on television which took people to the website During Smackdown on September 23rd, another QR code was shown on television which sent people to a mini game where a rabbit has to be directed to a door. There has been speculation that the “White Rabbit” teases will eventually lead to the return of Bray Wyatt.

During the September 26th 2022 edition of RAW, yet another QR code was shown. This code directed fans to a video located at The video included clips of various WWE stars edited together to say phrases such as “feed your head” and then the number “40701” was displayed at the end. The number 40701 is the zip code for Corbin, KY and the first hotel result on Google is Baymont by Wyndham Corbin.

There is also a “White Rabbit Records” in Corbin, KY. A “White Rabbit Records” YouTube channel has a video titled “04062” which is the zip code for Windham, ME. The only other video on the channel is a music video for Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit song that was uploaded in 2007.

The following lyrics from Aleister Black’s WWE theme song were written in the webpage’s coding…

console.log(‘No man is ever truly good’);
console.log(‘No man is ever truly evil’);

Stars in the video included John Cena, The Rock, Edge, Kurt Angle, and others.

The coordinates in the QR code lead to a giant Pink Bunny in Prata Nevoso, Italy…

Here was the “White Rabbit” vocal performance that was played during the RAW commercial break…