Fake report circulating around the internet in regards to Keith Lee and others in AEW

A screenshot has been circulating around the internet regarding AEW stars being approached about a possible return to WWE. The “report” in the screenshot was attributed to F4WOnline.com’s Andrew Zarian which claimed that “Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland were approached about getting out of AEW contracts. Lee and Swerve were not fans of how they were treated (and in Lee’s case how his wife was treated) and had no interest.” Zarian noted via Twitter that the screenshot is “a total fabrication” and he never reported any such thing.

Lee addressed the screenshot with the following message…

“I am fascinated that such a thing was stated/reported. No one knows my personal business in any capacity. And I certainly have not spoken with whoever those people are. My advice…. would be to ignore outlets that merely use names to make up stories. Read a book instead.”