Ryback comments on the situation with Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of WWE RAW

As previously noted, Sasha Banks and Naomi were indefinitely suspended by WWE after walking out of this past Monday’s edition of RAW.

Former WWE star Ryback, who has been a vocal critic of the company on social media, wrote the following messages on his Twitter account regarding the situation…

“Hearing rumors from sources @wwe that Sasha and Naomi actually walked in on @VinceMcMahon naked with wrist/ankle Velcro straps to the wall and a penis pump maxed out being held by Nick Khan with Abyss reading out the show aloud. Let’s just wait for more details for f*cks sake.”

“If the Naomi and Sasha stuff is legit may I suggest getting some sort of surgery or medical procedure done if @VinceMcMahon @wwe try to freeze your pay. You can ride this out over multiple procedures and keep getting your downside legally. I did it until my contract expired.”