Wrestle Review: We Already Know

Stephanie McMahon has announced she’s stepping away from WWE.
I wish her the best.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Samoa Joe and Adam Cole vs Jeff Hardy make up the semifinals of the Owen Hart Tournament. The tournament will be won by Adam Cole. That’s pretty much been known for quite a while. But I’ll break down my winners’ predictions next weekend before DON.

It was poorly announced Friday night on Smackdown by Michael Cole that Sasha Banks and Naomi “took their ball and went home” and “let down millions of fans”. The pair walked out before the main event on Raw, taking the titles into management, laying them down and walking out of the building. There will be a tournament to crown new women’s tag team champions. My question is: who’s going to be in the tournament? Aside from Sasha and Naomi, the only team is Zelina and Carmella, right? I guess they could bring up some women from NXT-even if it’s just for this tournament. I still say this will be a vehicle to finally give Sonya Deville a championship.

Smackdown this past week also saw the main roster debut of Max Dupri. Asking who that is? He was L.A. Knight in NXT. Listen, I get that WWE wants to change a name of a wrestler who comes in from another company. They don’t want you to think of another company. But you change the name L.A. Knight, a name YOU dreamed up for him in NXT. And you change it to Max Dupri. We all know the guy is never going to be WWE Universal Champion, no matter the name. Hell, he probably won’t even be Intercontinental or United States champion during his time with WWE. That’s not because he’s not good. It’s more likely because he isn’t homegrown or some garbage like that.

Five years ago today (Saturday), Jinder Mahal shockingly became WWE Champion. Now, he’s on ABC’s series Big Sky. Not too bad for the Modern Day Maharaja.

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