Results of Adam Page vs. Adam Cole at AEW Revolution 2022

AEW World Title
“Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs. Adam Cole

* There was a “let’s go Adam/Adam sucks” chant as the match got started. Page got the early momentum and sent Cole into the barricade repeatedly. Page missed a clothesline and hit the ring post. Cole took advantage and threw Page into the steel steps.

* Cole dominated for a while and then went for a Panama Sunrise but got caught with a boot. The two ended up back on the outside and Page powerbombed Cole onto the apron. Page then hit his moonsault off the top rope to the outside. Page threw Cole in the ring and went for the buckshot lariat but Cole rolled back to the outside.

* Page went for a moonsault in the ring but got caught with a superkick and Cole nearly won. Cole went for another superkick but Page countered with the deadeye. Cole kicked out and the match continued.

* Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish ran down to ring side and helped Cole regain control. Cole hit the Panama Sunrise on the floor. Cole got Page back in the ring but there was a kickout. Cole hit another Panama Sunrise in the ring and hit the boom knee strike but Page still kicked out. Cole hit several more superkicks and went for the boom knee strike again but Page collapsed.

* O’Reilly and Fish grabbed a table and placed it by the ring. Page ended up giving Cole the Deadeye through the table. The Dark Order ran down to check on Page. A fight broke out between the Dark Order and reDRagon.

* Back in the ring, Page hit the Buckshot Lariat but Cole got his arm on the rope. Page tied Cole to the rope and hit multiple superkicks. Cole managed to hit a superkick and freed him but Page caught him with another superkick. Page hit the boom knee strike and then hit another buckshot lariat to score the victory. After the match, Cole was still out but Page went over and shook his hand.