One of the claims made about CM Punk/The Elite altercation said to be not true

As previously noted, there was reportedly a physical altercation between members of The Elite and CM Punk after the 2022 AEW Out PPV event when The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega “stormed into” CM Punk’s locker room.

There was a claim from Punk and Ace Steel’s side that the Bucks were said to have approached Punk’s locker room and when he didn’t answer the door, they pounded the door and then allegedly “kicked the door down.” According to Dave Meltzer of, “multiple people who would know” have stated that there was no broken down door. AEW executive Megha Parekh was reportedly present for at least part of the incident and it’s believed that the Bucks would not have broken down a door in her presence. also reported that Punk and Steel’s side softened their stance and are now claiming that the Bucks “kicked, shouldered or otherwise forced their way in.”

Meltzer wrote the following…

“Pretty much the only points universally agreed on is that the Bucks came into the room without knocking, both sides were mad, Punk punched Matt, Steel hit Nick with a chair and pulled hair and bit Omega.”

There is an independent firm investigating the incident. In addition to Parekh, Meltzer wrote that there were “a number of neutral parties who were in the room and were believed to have seen everything as it happened” which included MJF.