AEW executive was reportedly present for part of CM Punk’s altercation with The Elite

As previously noted, there is an external third-party investigation looking into the backstage altercation between CM Punk and members of The Elite following the 2022 AEW All Out PPV.

Twitter account @WrestlingNewsAV provided some additional details which were retweeted by Jim Cornette’s podcast co-host Brian Last. In one of the tweets, it was noted that AEW Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh was present for at least part of the altercation.

Here are a few of the tweets regarding the situation…

“The Wrestling News can report that Megha Parekh, AEW’s Chief Legal Officer and EVP, was present for a portion of the CM Punk / Elite locker room altercation. Parekh was seen engaging in conversation with the Bucks shortly before they approached CM Punk’s locker room, and was seen leaving the room with CM Punk’s dog, seemingly taking him to safety.”

“Christopher Daniels, AEW Manager of Talent Relations, was with The Elite when they entered CM Punk’s locker room.”

“AEW’s internal investigation into the CM Punk / Elite locker room altercation is being led by their General Counsel, Chris Peck.”

The Wrestling News has learned that AEW wrestlers & personnel involved with, or witness to, the CM Punk / Elite locker room altercation are being interviewed as part of AEW’s internal investigation. It is believed that these virtual interviews have been recorded.