News regarding Logan Paul’s storyline with Ricochet heading into WWE Summerslam 2023

As seen during the June 3rd 2023 edition of WWE RAW, footage was shown of Logan Paul and Ricochet brawling in the backstage area after their ladder match at the Money in the Bank PLE. On RAW, Ricochet ended up calling out Logan to appear on next week’s show.

Logan vs. Ricochet is now expected to take place at Summerslam and during Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of explained that the brawl was done because Logan and Ricochet’s Spanish Fly spot in the ladder match wasn’t executed as intended…

“The idea was that spot that we talked about (the Spanish Fly through the tables) was supposed to be like this viral thing and it would go crazy and that was gonna lead to the match. And, people did see it, but it wasn’t as smooth to lead to the match so they did that angle (the backstage brawl) instead. They’re gonna shoot the angle next Monday on RAW to lead to the match.

Instead of doing a ‘marquee’ match for Logan Paul, I think they want to get him to do an incredible athletic match, and Ricochet’s your guy if you wanna do that.” (quote courtesy of