Malakai Black trends on social media due to what he did for fans that helped him

Malakai Black became a trending topic on social media outlets such as Reddit after the following story was published by a fan that attended the 2021 Bluegrass Wrestling Con

“[redacted] and I took Kei to this event today expecting to pay $25 a piece to go in and meet some retired wrestlers including Ashland’s very own Bobby Blaze.

As we were walking up the sidewalk we ran in to this nice gentleman trying to find his way there. We showed him the way and when we arrived at the ticket counter, he told the young man taking the ticket money to give each of us a VIP pass and he’d take care of the expense. I looked down and the VIP pass was $370 EACH! Needless to say we had an amazing time and feel so very blessed to have met this man who allowed us this experience. His name is #malakaiblack. He is in the first picture with me and [redacted]”