Jon Moxley opens up about suffering a concussion during the 2023 Grand Slam edition of AEW Dynamite

During an interview with, former AEW world champion Jon Moxley talked about the concussion he suffered during the 2023 Grand Slam edition of Dynamite. Moxley confirmed that the concussion happened “30 seconds in” and sent him into “f—in’ outer space for like 10 minutes.”

“In pro wrestling, it’s a really touchy subject. Somebody’s gotta f—ing bring it up. Pro wrestling is such a strange thing. In football, if a guy goes down and he doesn’t go back to the huddle, you know he’s f—ed up. In pro wrestling, a lot of times it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Maybe a really experienced wrestler and a really experienced doctor, who are trained to see signs of that sh–, are watching it on a separate feed. Even if they have a doctor close to ringside, what if the guy f—ing spills outside the ring? He doesn’t see that. The doctor and wrestler are completely untethered to the creative portion of it. They have no idea nor any interest in what the story is, who wins, who loses or how long it’s supposed to go. If a guy f—ing spins around or something and the doctor goes, ‘Is he OK?’ The wrestler can tell him, That’s just a pro wrestling thing. Don’t worry.'”

“As soon as the doctor sees a sign of somebody being concussed, he just hits the f—ing red button. Boom, this is over. No matter how much time is left. No matter if it’s on live TV. It’s just over, and you figure it out from there.”