Ric Flair denies that he was drunk or tipsy during incident at restaurant

As previously noted, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair claimed that he was kicked out of the Piesonas restaurant in Florida after spending $1500. The restaurant co-owner responded by claiming that his team “worked in a professional manner to ensure the safety of guests and staff.” Video footage of the incident later emerged.

While speaking to The MJ Morning Show on Q105, Flair issued additional comments regarding the incident…

“It just escalated and I was wrong for getting mad, but I kind of felt like I was defending my position. I was wrong for losing my temper. When I feel like I’m put in that area where I’m uncomfortable and all of a sudden everything just fell apart, I got upset. I was wrong for getting upset. I probably just should have just walked out the door, but it caught me so off-guard because we were having a wonderful time. Then all of a sudden … someone in their kitchen said I did something wrong in the bathroom and there’s no one there except me and him.” (quote courtesy of TMZ.com)

Flair also denied that he was drunk or tipsy. Flair claimed that he only had Michelob Ultras and “probably” two mixed drinks.