Bully Ray gives “constructive criticism” on a part of AEW that he thinks “needs a lot of help”

During Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray discussed Trent Beretta’s post-match attack on Orange Cassidy from the May 8th 2024 edition of AEW Dynamite. Here is what Bully Ray had to say about the segment…

“I would hate any company who ever decided it was okay to have a talent no-sell a piledriver on the steel steps, a teeter-totter neckbreaker to the iron frame of the ring, and be back up 10 seconds to 15 seconds later, prepared to defend themself. Orange Cassidy is 120 lbs soaking with a brick in his pocket and a feather on top of his head. But we’re to believe he’s indestructible? Even the most indestructible of indestructibles would not be able to withstand that. Orange Cassidy should have been stretchered out. Neck in a brace. Whatever! Not on his feet. And not defending himself. I’m sorry folks. This is where AEW needs a lot of help.”

“Here is my constructive criticism on that particular moment in time and that story. Don’t ever do it again. It’s wrong. You are taking the piledriver on the steel steps and the move that was done afterwards, and throwing it out the door. There’s gotta be legitimacy, credibility to something. If you wanted him to just stand up, why not give him a regular piledriver? Why not just attack him on the floor, and just give him a piledriver on the floor? Wouldn’t that have been enough. I STILL would have been pissed, but a lot less pissed, if it was just a piledriver on the floor. Because a piledriver on the steel steps is a lot more devastating than the one on the floor, followed up by another move.” (quotes courtesy of WrestleZone.com)