WWE personality explains why LA Knight beating Roman Reigns would be “a little disheartening and disappointing”

During his After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves commented on LA Knight challenging Roman Reigns for the unified WWE Universal title at the 2023 Crown Jewel PLE…

“There’s an old adage in this business, the money is the chase. You want to see your favorite chasing the champion, coming up short and being denied so that they can come back even stronger, and maybe the timing isn’t right, but maybe it is.

Maybe LA Knight does manage to pull off the impossible, in which case, yes, it screws up all of Roman’s grandiose plans for the record books, [at least] the few records that are left that he hasn’t overtaken already. Which, that would be a little disheartening and disappointing from a fan’s perspective. But LA Knight is the guy the right now, the guy that people want. People are clamoring for more for LA Knight. If he does manage to do it, you have a very valid point, maybe a few weeks from now people go, ‘Eh, that was our guy, but now he’s at the top of the mountain.'” (quote courtesy of Fightful.com)