How Roman Reigns is said to really feel about the WWE brand

During a recent addition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez of discussed Universal Champion Roman Reigns defending the WWE brand in recent interviews

“I know for a fact that there are at least a few things that Seth Rollins publicly defended that privately he thought were actually really stupid but it was his job to stand up for WWE. I’m not saying everything that he said but there were absolutely positively things that I had heard where privately he thought it was really dumb and then he does an interview but you know, he’s Seth Rollins WWE Superstar so he’s gotta whatever.”

“Roman Reigns, from everything that I have been told from people all over the place, is a lifer. You know that guy that stands up for WWE with tears in his eyes? Roman doesn’t have tears in his eyes but when Roman Reigns defends WWE, (and) I’m not saying that he doesn’t disagree with some of the things that they do and that sort of thing. But this guy is a lifer and this guy believes much of what he says when he is standing up for and defending WWE. He is a very very loyal soldier in this WWE Universe. Obviously, there are a lot of other people as well that are loyal soldiers as well. There’s a lot of them that they are loyal soldiers but they also say things that, you know, if you talk to them (and) they left WWE tomorrow in 90 days, they would do an interview and they’d probably say something different. Roman is a loyal loyal soldier so he is a good man for this job.” (quotes courtesy of