Gunther comments on having reservations about joining the WWE roster

During an interview with, WWE Intercontinental champion Gunther was asked if he had any reservations about joining the WWE main roster…

“There definitely were some even before I actually started with WWE. I had my reservations for it because was unsure if I was a fit for them and was did it really, fit to me as well. I really was enjoying building up something in Europe or in Germany. We were really building up a foundation for wrestling in the country again because it was broken down for so long.”

“So, I took a lot of pride in that. But obviously, time moves on and time changes. You’ve got to go with the times a little bit. Living in America was never something I was too big into. I love Europe. And I like the lifestyle in Europe. I like to be close to family and stuff. But I think I just outgrew the circumstances there and I just had to move on. I think it came to a point in my career where it was like, ‘Okay, you either make that next step now or just gonna be stagnant for the rest of it.’ And looking back, I’m glad I did it.”