What Disney and Comcast contacts reportedly said in regards to Vince McMahon

It was previously reported that WWE President Nick Khan met with Bob Iger [Chief Executive Officer of Disney] and Jimmy Pitaro [President of ESPN] while in Los Angeles. Disney, ESPN, and Comcast are all said to be possible buyers of WWE.

Fightful Select reached out to contacts within Disney and Comcast and they commented on the possibility of a sale under the condition of anonymity. Fightful noted that “both companies had employees who had clearly heard of the rumors, and said that it would be hard to believe that any major company would want to retain Vince McMahon’s services in any capacity if they could help it.” Fightful added that “we’ve also been told by people of influence in the companies of at least two potential suitors that they believe there would be roles in WWE post-sale for Stephanie [McMahon] and Paul Levesque [Triple H] if they wished to continue.”