Companies that are currently being seen as the “front runners” to potentially buy WWE

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has been reinstated to the WWE Board of Directors shortly after it was reported that McMahon was planning to make a WWE return.

With McMahon looking into the possibility of WWE being sold, several companies are being discussed as potential suitors. In regards to the front runner, Mike Johnson of noted how there are “a lot of people theorizing that Comcast, which owns NBC Universal, would be the most likely candidate to buy the company outright given their long standing relationship.”

Brandon Thurston of tweeted the following…

“Most plausible buyers of WWE seem to be Comcast (NBCU’s parent) and Endeavor (UFC’s parent), maybe Amazon. These companies and any business partners have to weigh whether they want to do business with Vince, whose scandals Stephanie has previously said hurt ad sales last summer.”

Endeavor president Mark Shapiro said the following about the company possibly buying WWE during an interview with back in October of 2022

“Yes, that would be something interesting and it would be worth exploring. Would we buy it? Who knows? Last time I checked; it isn’t for sale. But is it something we’re interested in? We are interested in anything in the owned sports properties segment.”