How people within WWE are reportedly reacting to the Vince McMahon return news

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has been reinstated to the WWE Board of Directors shortly after it was reported that McMahon was planning to make a WWE return.

Mike Johnson of noted the following regarding how people within WWE have reacted to the news…

“To a person, everyone we’ve spoken to in WWE, whether it be a talent or an employee have remarked how insane the last 24 hours have been. While many have acknowledged they knew this could always have happened, it’s remarkable how many seemed to be either be in denial or unaware that it actually COULD happen.”

Fightful Select also obtained a few quotes from people in WWE. One talent said to the outlet, “Finding out online is scary, and it’s Vince, so I don’t believe a word he says. I hope current management and everything doesn’t change, but only time will tell.” Another talent stated, “I would be blown away if he returned to creative.”

One higher up told Fightful, “I can’t count how many interviews I’ve read or people I talked to outside the company that said ‘Vince liked me, but I got fired.’ He didn’t like you, he didn’t like any of them. He fired or they wouldn’t have been fired during a pandemic.”