AEW star Jake Atlas arrested and charged with domestic battery

AEW star Jake Atlas, who has been out of action since he suffered a knee injury in January, was arrested on May 23rd and charged with misdemeanor battery. A police report from officer Christopher Mager was made available via the Orange County Clerk’s website. The name of the alleged victim has been edited out of the report below…

On 5/22/22 at approximately 2200 hours, Sanchez [Atlas] was drinking alcohol with some friends at 3001 Corrine Dr (Bid Daddy’s Roadhouse).

Sanchez asked the victim to come to the bar and pick him up. the victim met with Sanchez at the bar and tried to get him to come; however, Sanchez wanted the victim to drink with them. Note- the victim and Sanchez have been in an intimate domestic relationship for approximately two years and have lived together as a family for approximately one year.

Per the victim, Sanchez wanted the victim to go with him back to a female friend’s house to take part in sexual activities. the victim, Sanchez, and few friends then relocated to 825 McCullough Av (Aurora on the Trail Apartments). Once at the friend’s residence, Sanchez continued drinking. Per the victim, he showed the female half more attention than Sanchez, which upset Sanchez. This started a huge verbal argument between the victim and Sanchez.

Sanchez became physically aggressive and charged at the victim. Martinez had step between Sanchez and Fink in order to prevent Sanchez from attacking the victim. Per Martinez, he feels that if he did not stop Sanchez, Sanchez would have attacked the victim. the victim then walked outside and Martinez convinced Sanchez to go sleep it off at Martinez’s residence.

Once outside, Sanchez continued yelling at the victim. While the victim continued to walk away, Sanchez charged at the victim again. Martinez had to physically step between Sanchez and the victim to prevent Sanchez from attacking the victim. This time Sanchez scratched the victim on the left forearm. the victim was observed with a minor scratch on his left forearm and his tank top shirt was torn in the middle from Sanchez.

After being separated, Martinez was able to get Sanchez into Martinez’s vehicle; however, Sanchez jumped out and started running to their apartment. Martinez then agreed to take Sanchez back to the victim and Sanchez’s apartment so that Sanchez can get his dog and leave. Instead of leaving, Sanchez continued to argue with the victim. Martinez and the victim gave Sanchez multiple opportunities to leave, which he refused. At approximately 0052 hours, the victim felt that he had to call police since Sanchez would not leave or calm down.

During my investigation, I separated the victim, Martinez, and Sanchez, conducting my interviews individually. Martinez and the victim ‘s statements corroborated. When I interviewed Sanchez, he did not cooperate with me and refused to tell me his side of the story. I gave Sanchez multiple opportunities to tell his side; however, he only wished to talk bad about the victim instead of telling me his side.

After I completed my investigation, I determined that Sanchez was the primary aggressor during the incident. Based on the statements provided to me, coupled with the injuries to the victim’s left forearm, Probable Cause was established to charge Sanchez with Misdemeanor Battery (Domestic Violence). Sanchez was placed under arrest and transported to BRC without further incident.