The X-Factor: The Royal Rumble 2024

Here we go again.

I do not envy those stars who will have to wrestle in Philadelphia with its weather. They should’ve come back to Phoenix. I envy Triple H even less with the decisions he’s gotta make. That being said, the road to Philly is about to begin inside the 2nd Thunderdome. 

Let’s not dilly-dally anymore.

United States Championship
Kevin Owens vs. Logan Paul (C)

Quick side note. Please put Kevin and Sami back together!

For real, I didn’t even remember KO laying out Logan Paul three years ago. I can’t see him losing the US title yet. They’ve got plans for him in Philly.

Winner: Logan Paul

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship
Randy Orton vs. LA Knight (Yeah!) vs. AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns (C)

I’m sure I’m not alone. Is it a rule that Cody Rhodes HAS TO beat Reigns to finish the story? Isn’t it important that he finishes it at WrestleMania XL?

It would be a hell of a surprise if Roman doesn’t leave Tropicana Field with the gold. If it was LA Knight, I’m sure the fans would still hate it. Styles would be fine. Orton doesn’t need another title run.

This will be a fun WrestleMania season.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Men’s Royal Rumble

Rey Mysterio, Andrade, Brock Lesnar, Kazuchika Okada, and The Rock are the potential surprise entrants. 

Rey hits the ring with members of Legado in there already, maybe even the prodigal son Dominik. The LWo shows up to even the odds. Given Andrade’s history with Zelina Vega, he could join LWo. Brock could thrash some midcarders before getting taken out by his future opponent if they have one for him. 

As for The Rock, imagine the Bloodline members in the ring when “IF ‘YA SMELL” is heard.

We could be looking at a memorable Rumble. Just sayin’.

Until recently, Cody Rhodes and CM Punk were the clear favorites, but now Gunther vs. Rollins is a potential Night 1 main event. I ain’t mad at that, but Punk might be.

Are they snowing us with Rollins? Will he even make it to Lincoln Financial Field with the title?

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Women’s Royal Rumble

Can they please get the gold off Rhea Ripley? Top female of not, she hasn’t been setting the ring on fire with her reign. Fans know she has it, but no one’s talking about her matches.

Let’s talk possible surprises. Jade Cargill, Sasha Banks, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, and Carmella are on my list.

If it’s a Raw female, the easy choice is Becky Lynch, but she’s had her moment in the sun. Jade is new blood and the more fascinating to non-AEW fans. Nia Jax will be the dark horse.

What about the blue side? Anyone with a brain can see what’s coming. Bayley is about to find herself on her own. The women’s Rumble is gonna accelerate that. When Bayley finally gets dumped by her posse, the return of the Hugger might not be far off. About damn time.

Winner: Bayley

I’ve got more I want to say, but that’s best saved for my next post.

Don’t mess with the X.