Backstage news regarding the internal reactions in WWE to Vince McMahon’s resignation from TKO

After being accused of sex trafficking in a new lawsuit, Vince McMahon announced his resignation from WWE and UFC parent company TKO Group Holdings on Friday night. provided some news items regarding the internal reactions to the news…

* People within the company were reportedly expecting more fallout following the news that Slim Jim was pausing its partnership with WWE. Vince’s resignation was said to have happened faster than people in the company had anticipated.

* It’s a possibility that Endeavor may “sweep out anyone close to McMahon” to have a clean slate going forward. Employees connected to McMahon may be seen as a “major negative going forward.”

* The backstage reactions to Vince’s resignation were said to have ranged from relief to happiness. One source told PWInsider that there had been “a black cloud hanging over everything even though he wasn’t involved in anything.” Some reportedly felt that Vince got what was coming to him based on the allegations.

* There are apparently some in WWE that are hoping Vince’s resignation opens the door for Stephanie McMahon to return as she left the company upon his return.

Vince’s profile page has been removed.