Vince McMahon accused of sex trafficking by a former WWE employee in new lawsuit

The Wall Street Journal reports that Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, filed a lawsuit against WWE, Vince McMahon, and John Laurinaitis in a Connecticut federal court on Thursday. The complaint states that Grant “was the victim of physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault and trafficking at WWE.” It added that Grant “is filing this lawsuit not just to address her own suffering, but also to act for those who are afraid to speak out.”

In the lawsuit, several claims were made including the following alleged incidents…

“In March 2020, McMahon began sharing sexually explicit photographs and videos of Ms. Grant (including pornographic content he recorded) with other men both inside and outside the company, including with members of the television production ‘tech’ team, executive(s), producer(s), and a world-famous athlete and former UFC Heavyweight Champion with whom WWE was actively trying to sign to a new contract (and ultimately did sign that contract).”

“As one example of McMahon’s extreme depravity, on May 9, 2020, he defecated on Ms. Grant during a threesome, and then commanded her to continue pleasuring his ‘friend’— with feces in her hair and running down her back—while McMahon went to the bathroom to shower off. Upon his return from the bathroom, McMahon and his ‘friend’ actively resumed the threesome, which lasted over an hour and a half, while Ms. Grant remained covered in McMahon’s filth. When McMahon’s ‘friend’ left, McMahon ordered her to stay and to continue to sexually gratify him.”

“In June 2021, McMahon and Defendant Laurinaitis sexually assaulted Ms. Grant inside Laurinaitis’ office in WWE headquarters while colleagues were busy at their desks. Behind a locked door, the two men cornered her and pulled her in between them, forcibly touched her, before ultimately putting her on top of a table in between them. She begged them to stop, but they forced themselves on her, each taking turns restraining her for the other, while saying ‘No means yes’ and ‘Take it, bitch.'”

“On June 23, 2021, around 11:42am, McMahon directed Ms. Grant – in the middle of a workday – to meet him on a lower floor. When Ms. Grant arrived, McMahon led her inside his private locker room, locked the door, and forced himself on her over a massage table. Later that day, $15,000 in gift cards to Bloomingdales were purchased at McMahon’s direction and delivered by McMahon’s personal assistant to Ms. Grant in her office.”

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Explicit text messages that were allegedly sent from McMahon were included in the lawsuit. Here is the full complaint which includes the text messages…