Lawyer for Janel Grant addresses the Vince McMahon sex trafficking lawsuit

During an interview with Law&Crime’s Angenette Levy, Janel Grant’s lawyer Ann Callis addressed the Vince McMahon sex trafficking lawsuit

“She [Grant] believes [filing the suit] is the first step. Filing this lawsuit took some tremendous courage from her. She was in an extremely vulnerable position when she first encountered Vince McMahon.”

“So already, besides being in an inordinately uneven playing field between Vince McMahon and Janel, our client, she still tried to conduct herself… tried to be the best possible employee for the WWE that she could be under the most devastating and sexually depraved circumstances.”

“Just the way that the grooming of Janel went on, it just indicates that are a lot of indicators that there may be, and probably are, other victims out there. One of Janel’s hopes is that by coming forward, she will give the courage to other victims to come forward.”

“She wants her life back. She wants ownership of her story. She wants to help other victims. This is relatively close in time, 2019 when this unfolded, 2020, and her hope is to help other victims, if there are other victims, to come forward because she had the courage and the presence of mind to finally get this done and come forward.”

Callis also read a statement on behalf of Grant:

“She hopes any doors of secrecy have been blown off their hinges, and that fresh air fills the headquarters. She hopes those at the company, past and present, who fear speaking out about harm is a thing of the past. She wishes everyone peace.” (quotes courtesy of