The X-Factor: Royal Rumble 2022 predictions

We’re close people. The Road to WrestleMania 38, the sign pointing, and fantasy booking because the online fans are sure to dislike whatever they come up with.

So, I will beat around the bush no longer. Let’s start with the women’s Rumble.

Ronda Rousey
Might as well.

As they say, plans change. Could they be looking to her to headline yet again? If so, will they set her loose against Charlotte Flair, or the one who handed Ronda her only pinfall loss? 

Bianca Belair

Could she be the very first female repeat winner? I wouldn’t be mad at it. Given what happened to her in Las Vegas, she needs it the most.

Also, I’m really not high on Becky Lynch anymore. Bianca was needlessly sacrificed for her return, and I really don’t want or need to see her with a women’s title right now.


Those bookmakers, what do they know that we don’t? Did they pull a John Cena and exaggerate her recovery time? 

Anyway, onto the men’s Rumble.

Big E

With a WWE title reign that didn’t exactly live up to it, he needs this. Also, having him headline one of the two nights sends one hell of a message. 

Except, who would be the champion on Raw?

Brock Lesnar

They want Reigns vs. Lesnar. Losing a title match and then entering the Rumble, it’s not unheard of.

Don’t be too pissed people. They’re gonna go with the marquee names and Brock fits that bill. 

Roman Reigns

Why would he be in it?

Reigns could lose the Universal Championship to Seth, Lesnar retains, moves back to Smackdown, and so the titles switch brands. The Tribal Chief steals a Rumble spot, wins, and targets Lesnar for the WWE title. 

Or, what if he enters after having defended the blue title and it leads to a title for title bout?

That’s my column people.

Don’t mess with the X.