Do You Want a Wrestling Monopoly?

The ratings for Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite hit its lowest mark since May. While I still stand by the idea that most fans shouldn’t even care about ratings, many still feel the need to negatively comment. These negative comments (Twitter/Facebook) just aren’t in the dozens, but in the literal hundreds (even thousands) over the years of Dynamite’s short existence.

Between laugh emojis, and condescending gifs, there are fans out there that will actually make fun at a dip in ratings for the upstart promotion. The loads of great wrestling is glossed over by these same fans, and any and all mistakes are highlighted.

This goes beyond critique. I’ll admit that even this week’s Dynamite fell a little flat for me. MOST Dynamites are good to great watches, but no show is perfect. However, these fans — and I’ve seen them in the thousands — rarely critique a show; they only troll and offer negativity.

So my question to what is mostly pro-WWE viewers on NODQ is this:

Do you want a wrestling monopoly? 

Being a Critic vs. Being a Troll

As this site’s resident AEW-mark and paid Tony Khan shill, NO, even though I don’t like to watch WWE — I would never desire or applaud its demise. But as someone who has been watching wrestling for over 35 years, I feel like I can properly critique any given wrestling promotion. With that, however, is the hope that professional wrestling grows in ALL COMPANIES.

Any good wrestling fan should be able to give constructive criticism to any and all promotions. 

I said it in my Thanksgiving article — I know exactly what WWE is and isn’t, and I know it’s not exactly for me — but I’m still happy fans are watching wrestling of any sort. The fact that we have two major promotions to choose from after 20 years of only ONE OPTION is incredible. But many wresting ‘fans’ seem to find any reason to shit on AEW, and seemingly want them to fail.

And this leads me to another honest question for the WWE diehards reading this:

Is it just easier to only have one promotion to care about? 


One and Done

Take professional wrestling how you want it, but the WWE offers essentially one style of wrestling, and one style of format. You’ll never see strong-style, lucha libre, hardcore, catch or any other styles in their TRUE FORM in WWE.

It is what it is.

The product is safe, comfortable, and its easy for some to view Vince McMahon as some wrestling demi-god that can do no wrong. If you fall into this category, have at it, Hoss! I won’t lose sleep if a WWE fan watches WWE.

But why does another promotion threaten you so much? So much that so many WWE fans are quick to defense and lash out at AEW? Further more, the same fans who tend to lash out at me for simply going beyond the mainstream scope of pro wrestling?

I’ve been called an elitist on more than one occasion since I usually follow more than just AEW — but New Japan, Stardom, Impact, MLW, NWA, etc….

But we’re the elitists simply because we know a lot about the sport of pro wrestling and choose to dive in more than the ‘casuals’? OR is this something else entirely?


AEW’s Arrogance

The cocky new kid in town. He’s pretty damn good, but talks shit about everyone else like there’s no tomorrow. He’s got a lot of friends, but man, do a lot of other folks hate the guy.

Is this AEW to you?

Suck it up, it’s business. You don’t think WCW and WWF flung constant shit at each other during the Monday Night Wars?

Tony Khan doesn’t insult the fans’ intelligence. He openly acknowledges that other wrestling promotions EXIST. The wrestling landscape is that which ONE PROMOTION controlled every major market for two decades. Not putting over Kris Statlander on Wednesday bothers me MUCH MORE than Company A mentioning Company B.

Until Cody Rhodes starts a weekly segment on Dynamite called “Things I hate about WWE”, throwing shade at an organization who purposely kept a stranglehold over the industry for 20 years here and there simply isn’t a big deal.

Note: The idea of Cody Rhodes being filmed in a dark room where he looks into the camera and spouts off random anti-WWE sentiments is now comically amusing to me. “Things I hate about WWE — TOO MANY ROLL UP FINISHES.” (FADE OUT)

In all seriousness…

Every business, wrestling or not, is going to act like they’re the hottest product in their industry. What amazes me is that if WWE were the almighty, indestructible brand fans paint them to be — then why mention AEW even ONCE on their show, much less multiple times like they have?


Going Home

Let’s go back to the initial question, and I CHALLENGE any WWE diehard to answer it honestly: Is professional wrestling just easier for you to take in when you know there’s only one major option out there? You don’t often hear about Impact, ROH, MLW, or New Japan. Does the mere mention of AEW irk you for some reason?

Simplicity — and ignorance — can be bliss. Is it just easier for AEW not to exist? Perhaps you just want the aforementioned wrestling monopoly. Call it how it is.

Of course, AEW isn’t likely going anywhere for some time. Their contract with WarnerMedia extends through 2023, and being that TBS is a top 5 network in regards to ratings, there’s a chance their viewership increases come 2022.

Perhaps many of these fans should consider the toll large amounts of negativity can take on potential new AEW fans before going into full troll-mode. That is unless the same WWE fans (and there are many of them) simply prefer AEW to fail, and for only one promotion to exist.

There is a difference between constructive criticism and being an outright git. I have to call ya’ll out to see what your true intentions are. Just be honest with everyone — you know who you are…