WWE to stop releasing DVD and Blu-Rays in the United States

It is the end of an era as wrestlingdvdnetwork.com reports that WWE DVD and Blu-Ray releases will no longer be offered in the United States and Canada starting in 2022. It’s not clear yet what the future holds for international DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

Wrestlingdvdnetwork.com noted the following…

“As for reasoning behind the move, while specifics haven’t been stated to us, the why is probably the obvious and in the end will boil down to revenue, coupled with the company putting less emphasis on DVD and Blu-ray in recent years and more of a focus on new content for the WWE Network and Peacock, whereby WWE content is streamed online.”

Survivor Series 2021 is currently scheduled to be the final WWE DVD release in the United States and it will be available on December 28th.