Io Shirai comments on possibly joining the WWE main roster

During an interview with, NXT star Io Shirai commented on possibly joining the WWE main roster…

“Of course, I would be open to a move to SmackDown or RAW. The opportunity would present new goals and encounters different from what I have achieved and experienced in NXT. I would like a rematch with Sasha Banks as soon as possible. I also heard Bayley say she wanted to have a match with me, and I would definitely relish my first confrontation with her. If it is a title match, even better.”

Shirai also commented on her dive with the trash can from last year’s NXT WarGames match…

“It was not a particularly deep idea, and there were a lot of options in front of me. In my eyes, WarGames cages are very attractive and I wanted to do something interesting. It is almost like a child playing with her toy box.”

Q&A: Io Shirai on ‘NXT WarGames,’ Her WWE Future and More

Sunday will mark the third trip inside the WarGames structure for Io Shirai. One of pro wrestling’s most skilled performers, Shirai has excelled in NXT since her arrival in 2018. She crafted a spectacular run as women’s champion during a reign that lasted 304 days.