WWE reportedly has creative plans for CM Punk to feud with Roman Reigns at some point

As seen during the November 27th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, CM Punk cut his first promo since returning to the company at Survivor Series and said that “almost everyone” was happy to see him back.

Justin Barrasso of SI.com reported some new details regards Punk’s return to WWE. According to Barrasso, Punk’s contract extends beyond Wrestlemania 40. Barrasso wrote the following regarding plans for Punk…

“There are plans for Punk to feud with Roman Reigns, Sports Illustrated has learned. But it will not be Punk against Reigns first, as that spot belongs to Rollins. A feud between Rollins and Punk is a massive positive for both men. Punk can still wrestle at a high-level, but his work will only be enhanced in the ring with a world-class wrestler like Rollins. While it is not the current favorite, there is plenty of reason to believe Punk-Rollins could serve as the main event for the opening night of Wrestlemania 40.”

Barrasso also noted that WWE did not “chase” Punk and he was the one to open the line of communication. Punk reportedly agreed to what was asked of him before signing his WWE deal.