QT Marshall reportedly believes that AEW is moving in a more “NJPW-related” direction with less focus on stories

On Monday, QT Marshall announced his resignation from AEW. According to HausOfWrestling.com’s Nick Hausman, people within AEW and WWE were not surprised by his decision. Marshall was working as a backstage coach in AEW but he reportedly wants wants to focus more on being an in-ring performer. It was also said that Marshall’s backstage influence started to “deteriorate quickly” when his friend Cody Rhodes left the company.

It’s believed that Marhsall is primarily interested in wrestling for WWE rather than working at the Performance Center since he already has own training school. Hausman wrote that “those we spoke with close to the WWE side said they were skeptical that WWE would be interested in hiring Marshall strictly as a performer but were unsure of how much pull Rhodes has at the moment.”

Hausman also noted the following in regards to what Marshall wrote about AEW going in a different direction…

“Based on those I have spoken with close to Marshall, he was alluding to the fact he believes AEW is heading in a more NJPW-related direction that is more focused on matches than storytelling. When asking around about why Khan is going that way, one source told me flatly, ‘TK has always liked that style.'”

WrestlePurists.com reported something similar about Marshall…

“According to AEW sources, QT Marshall was not a fan of some of the shifts in AEW creative and felt the company wasn’t telling great stories the way they used to. In his view, putting on a bunch of high-end, high workrate matches with no story or build is being like NJPW, we’re told.”