WWE Hall of Famer thinks Logan Paul as world champion could work “in every kind of way”

During his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett commented on the possibility of Logan Paul defeating Roman Reigns to become the unified WWE Universal champion…

“The audience, in general, whether it’s my 16-year-old son or daughter or whoever it may be, they’re consuming their content on their phones. YouTube. Twitter… That’s what the Paul brothers [have mastered.] They weren’t on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or ‘The Voice’ or some kind of athletic [show.] They got over on social media, and now they’re bringing that to a televised product. The Paul kid becoming champion, I think would work, in every kind of way. Do I think they’re going to do it? No. I just don’t think they’ll switch the title in Saudi [Arabia.] But look, online audiences are talking about it.”

“The Paul brothers, they just dominate the conversation and I’m curious. I don’t think they’ll switch it [the title at Crown Jewel] but where does Logan fit in the WrestleMania picture? That’s going to be interesting.”

“As far as belts and storylines, Roman does not need the title right now. I mean, Sami Zayn is the star of that attraction right now. You pull him out of that? It’s a completely different dynamic.” (quotes courtesy of SEScoops.com)