Why Vince McMahon allowed Chris Jericho’s Broken Skull Sessions interview to happen

In regards to Chris Jericho appearing on Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, the belief is that Vince McMahon approved the interview to help draw in viewers to the WWE Network on Peacock. The idea is that fans will be intrigued in seeing an AEW performer on a WWE broadcast. In addition to that, there is also speculation about Vince doesn’t see AEW as a threat as much as he did in the past.

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted that one person close to the situation told him that timing was a factor…

“Quite simply…..It’s a great business move for him [Vince McMahon]. Wrestling as you know is all about timing. And with the Peacock debut, this is timed perfectly. Six months either way and this probably doesn’t happen.”