News regarding WWE’s Wrestlemania 37 production

Here are news items regarding the production of WWE’s Wrestlemania 37 event…

* Dave Meltzer of noted that each night is scheduled to last three hours between 8:00 PM Eastern to 11:00 PM Eastern.

* The Kickoff shows are scheduled to be one hour for each night at 7:00 PM Eastern and no Kickoff matches have been announced yet.

* Wrestlemania is practically a sell-out with around 600 tickets available for Saturday and 300 tickets available for Sunday.

* Photos from Raymond James Stadium on Thursday show that WWE will be using cardboard cutouts to fill the empty seats in similar fashion as the Superbowl. Vince McMahon had reportedly been against the idea of using cutouts at first but later became more receptive to the idea.

* Aerial footage on Thursday shows that WWE constructed a giant pirate ship for the set…