What’s being said about Jeff Hardy’s potential return to AEW now that his DUI case is closed

During his podcast, Matt Hardy commented on his brother Jeff’s potential return to AEW now that Jeff’s DUI court case has been closed

“That hasn’t been talked about. Will it happen? Maybe. Maybe not. That isn’t something that hasn’t been talked about at all at this point and it certainly wasn’t going to be like, his court case is done, he shows back up on AEW Dynamite.”

Matt was also asked if he talked with Jeff about Jeff possibly changing his in-ring style…

“Yes. I already have. I’ve had it with him throughout the years. Whenever I wanted him to become Brother Nero at the beginning, I was having that conversation with him then. That’s why I said he could no longer jump off the top rope. ‘You’re Jeff Hardy, you’re a rockstar, people want to see Jeff Hardy. I know you feel so committed and passionate and you want to give them a whisper in the wind and swanton every single night. You can do those things when the time is right. Pick and choose. Be smart. You’re not just Jeff Hardy the wrestler anymore, you’re Jeff Hardy the father, the husband, the family man. You have to think about that.'” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)