Jeff Hardy’s court case from 2022 DUI arrest has been closed

As previously noted, Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th 2022 and faces several DUI-related charges. Marc Raimondi of later reported details about Jeff’s arrest from the police report.

According to Volusia County Clerk of Circuit Court records, Hardy’s case was closed on February 23rd 2023. A motion to suppress was filed on February 21st with the following notes…

20. Mr. Hardy’s breath tests did not comply with FDLE’s requirements established in FDLE’s administrative rules to ensure reliable quantitative breath tests.

21. There is insufficient probative evidence that the breath tests in Mr. Hardy’s case were performed substantially in accordance with methods approved by FDLE and with a compliant machine approved by FDLE.

22. For the above reasons, this Court should enter an order excluding any evidence of a breath test and breath test results obtained in this case.

Hardy entered a written plea of “no contest” and has been credited for serving 38 days in jail. Hardy is on probation for 24 months and was fined $4,000 with court costs listed as $586. Hardy’s driver’s license is listed as being suspended for 10 years and other provisions include attending DUI school or drug rehab program and community service. Hardy’s vehicle has been impounded for 90 days and it will have an interlock device for 2 years.