What people in WWE and AEW are reportedly saying about the rumors surrounding RAW and Warner Brothers Discovery

As previously noted, CM Punk reportedly helped renew talks between WWE and Warner Brothers Discovery for a potential media rights deal with RAW. Paul Levesque aka Triple H, Nick Khan and TKO’s Marc Shapiro were said to have met with WBD on Monday.

Nick Hausman of HausOfWrestling.com noted that he spoke with a higher-up WWE source on Wednesday and was told that the information was “very inaccurate” since the internal schedules of Levesque, Khan, and Shapiro would not have put them together in New York on Monday. Hausman was also told that WWE executives are potentially “kayfabing” those in the company by altering their internal schedules in order to keep things quiet. Hausman stated that there is “A LOT of smoke” to the situation.

While there is said to be doubt that Punk has the kind of influence to cause a person like WBD CEO David Zaslav to support WWE over AEW, Hausman wrote the following about AEW…

“The vibe we have been given is that AEW is in danger of not being renewed by WBD for TNT or TBS. One scenario that was given to us was that WWE Raw would move to TNT or TBS, and AEW would be moved to Discovery. Two higher-up sources in AEW that I spoke with said that was news to them and not something they had heard. Another said, ‘Only person who really knows is Zaslav.'”