CM Punk reportedly helped renew talks between WWE and Warner Brothers Discovery

Rumored companies in the running for the future media rights to WWE RAW include Disney, Amazon, NBC Universal, and Warner Brothers Discovery. It was previously reported that WWE President Nick Khan approached WBD in October with a pitch and was turned down.

Earlier this week, Dave Meltzer of posted the following on Twitter/X…

“Things are changing greatly. Let’s just say things changed greatly with Raw negotiations from a few weeks ago. And [CM] Punk is a huge part of the selling point.”

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer explained the situation…

“They [WWE] would like to get close to $400 million. I don’t think they’re gonna get $400 million but they’re shopping it around and WBD obviously being one of them. WBD seemed to be dead and it’s not dead. With Punk there and everything like that, it’s not dead. It’s not like people should go oh my God this and that with AEW. There’s no way of knowing anything more other than they did have a meeting and it’s not dead. That’s all.”

“WWE as far as the Raw deal is the belief is that they’re finalizing pretty soon. Levesque [Triple H] was at Raw [on] Monday. [He] missed the one Raw if you remember because of whatever they were doing. They’re trying to close that deal. That’s pretty much it. Punk opened up what may have been a shut door. How open that door is or what is gonna transpire, I don’t know. Punk, he’s a significant player and that’s one of the reasons he’s gonna be at the house show in Los Angeles this week because I’m sure that the people who they are courting — everyone’s headquarters is in L.A. I’m sure that they’re gonna invite everyone that they’re courting there and figuring that they’re gonna see, with Punk and Dom, they picked the right opponent for just a great reaction to go look, this is what you’re getting, this is the show we’re selling. The belief is it’s coming down relatively soon [but] it’s one of those things there’s no rush either. It could come down in 6 months. They’re in negotiations and AEW is in negotiations. These negotiations are going to be gigantic to the future of wrestling in many ways, depending on who gets what, depending on the days of the week, depending on the counters.” (quotes courtesy of