What is being said about WWE RAW potentially moving to Warner Bros Discovery in 2024

Rumored companies in the running for the future media rights to WWE RAW include Disney, Amazon, NBC Universal, and Warner Bros. Discovery. According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, FX (owned by Disney) is currently believed to be the most likely network to host RAW starting in 2024.

In regards to WBD being a possibility, Meltzer noted the following…

“Regarding WBD which would be the game changer in many ways if it happened, the WBD version told to many this past week is that [WWE Preisdent] Nick Khan last went to WBD in October with a pitch and was turned down… Those in WWE constantly had WBD has a longshot for the reason they believed WBD owned a percentage of AEW.”

WWE is reportedly close to finalizing a media rights deal and the asking price is believed to be in the $387 million per year range.