What is reportedly being discussed for RAW and Smackdown during Wrestlemania 38 week

It was reported earlier this month that there are currently plans for WWE Wrestlemania 38 to be a two-night event.

According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com, WWE has been in contact with AT&T Stadium about several possible ideas that include Wrestlemania 38 being a two-day event. Meltzer added that it is not a done deal as WWE has been “looking into planning, security, insurance, cost of production, length of the event two days vs. one day and other locations for shows that weekend.”

Regarding RAW and Smackdown in Dallas, an idea was reportedly pitched to have RAW at AT&T Stadium with a 40,000 seat set-up. The American Airlines Center in Dallas will be unavailable to host Smackdown but WWE is said to be looking into using Gerald Ford Stadium for Smackdown and/or RAW. GFS has a capacity of 32,000 and the idea is to run larger venues for RAW and Smackdown because of the number of tourists in town for Wrestlemania.