AEW news items regarding Danielson vs. Omega, Jake Roberts, and Mark Henry

Here are some AEW news items from this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer…

* The Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega from the September 22nd edition of AEW Dynamite received a five star rating. This is the first time Meltzer has given that rating to a Danielson match.

* Jake Roberts, who hasn’t appeared on AEW Dynamite as of late, is said to be having undisclosed health issues. Dave Meltzer wrote that during a recent appearance, Roberts was seen “in a wheelchair and had an oxygen thing in his nose that he’d take out when posting for photos.”

* It was previously stated by Ricky Starks that he would be replacing Mark Henry on commentary for AEW Rampage. Dave Meltzer noted that Henry “may be rotated in at times” and will continue to be a host while moderating the main event pre-match promos.