What is being said about why Rey Fenix was removed from his match at AEW WrestleDream

As seen during the 2023 AEW WrestleDream PPV, The Young Bucks defeated The Lucha Bros, The Gunns, and Orange Cassidy/Hook. Rey Fenix was taken out of the match in the early moments.

In regards to what happened with Fenix, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com noted the following during Wrestling Observer Radio

Meltzer: “Rey Fenix, that was just a plan to get him out of the match early because he’s hurting… So Rey Fenix very early, took a bump, started selling his shoulder. The doctors came out. They took him to the back. I mean, they all attacked his shoulder. So it was very clear that this was part of the match and the match.”

Alvarez: “What happened is that when he had that match with [Jon] Moxley when he did that dive and landed on Moxley’s head, he hurt his tailbone in his back. And so he almost didn’t get cleared. And so he gets cleared. And then he went into the ring this Wednesday and he hurt his back again and he was limping. He got back limping by the end. But, I mean, he was hurting badly. And so here this was an angle because they want him to do that match with Nick Jackson on Wednesday. And so they let him do one spot, and then they did the injury angle and they got him out of there. And I guess he told people like, you know, ‘I’ll be good to go on Wednesday,’ but I think they didn’t want to take any chances with him getting hurt here because it’s the anniversary show. It’s the anniversary, or it’s the fourth anniversary of the show, but it’s also a rematch of one of the best matches they ever had in the first year. They got him out of there anyway so that he wouldn’t be injured. Penta was working by himself, but the way they did the match, I mean, it didn’t really matter whose partner was who. It was like everybody’s just doing everything with everybody else.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)

Fenix is still scheduled to defend his AEW International title against Nick Jackson on this coming Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite. AEW President Tony Khan advertised the match on Monday morning.