Bryan Danielson comments on his wife Brie potentially wrestling again

As previously noted, former WWE star Brie Garcia (Brie Bella) said she will wrestle again and wants to face Saraya. During the 2023 AEW WrestleDream PPV post-show media scrum, Brie’s husband Bryan Danielson commented on her potentially wrestling again…

“I will never say never, but she puts stuff on Instagram that I don’t even know. Sometimes, people will say ‘Oh my gosh, that picture of your kids is adorable.’ I’m saying, ‘what picture are you talking about?’ They’ll show them to me and I haven’t even seen the picture. She hasn’t sent me the picture. I will say this, Brie is the boss in our family. If she wants to come do it, it’ll get done.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)

Brie’s last match was at the 2022 WWE Royal Rumble PLE.